Alphabet Beginning Sounds Bingo Game | Letters and Letter Sounds


This alphabet beginning sounds bingo game is a fun, engaging way for your students to learn letters and letter sounds while developing phonemic awareness. 

With 30 unique bingo cards, you will be able to use this alphabet activity in small groups or with a larger group of students. It also includes a set of alphabet letter calling cards.

To play the alphabet game, you will pull an alphabet calling card and say the letter name and letter sound out loud. Students will look at the words pictured on their card to see if they have a word that starts with that letter/sound. If they do, they will cover the picture. The first player to cover all of the pictures on their card will win the game!

Included in this alphabet bingo pack are:

• 30 Unique Player Cards (8 images per card)

• Alphabet Letter Calling Cards (26 cards)