Phonological Awareness Centers and Activities - Science of Reading


*Included in the Phonological Awareness Centers Bundle

Teach phonological awareness in a fun, hands-on way with these phonological awareness centers and activities! This pack covers a variety of phonological awareness skills like rhyming, syllables, compound words, initial sounds, ending sounds, short vowel sounds. 

While using these science of reading centers students will practice isolating, blending, segmenting and adding and deleting words and units of sound.

These hands-on phonological awareness centers are perfect for independent practice after you have taught these skills through listening and speaking.

There are 15 low-prep activities included in this resource. There are clip cards, puzzles and board games that will get your students engaged and excited about learning phonological awareness.

Here are the activities included in this phonological awareness pack: 

  • Rhyming Puzzles
  • Rhyming Clip Cards
  • Does it Rhyme? Clip Cards
  • CVC Rhyming Board Game
  • Syllable Counting Clip Wheels
  • Syllable Counting Mats
  • Syllable Board Game
  • Building Compound Words Clip Cards
  • Compound Words Deleting Words Clip Cards
  • Beginning Sound Matching Clip Cards
  • Beginning Sound Matching Puzzles
  • Ending Sound Matching Clip Cards
  • Ending Sound Matching Puzzles
  • CVC Middle Vowels Sound Matching Clip Cards
  • CVC Middle Vowel Sound Matching Puzzles

All of the resources include pictures only. There are no words or letters and no writing involved.

Add these resources to your phonological awareness and phonics lessons for extra practice with these important foundational skills.