Back to School Theme Math and Literacy Centers for Pre-K and Kindergarten


*Included in Math and Literacy Bundle.

These back to school theme math and literacy centers are perfect for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten. 

Skills covered:

  • Letter identification
  • Number identification
  • Beginning letter sounds
  • Pre-writing and fine motor skills
  • Number sense
  • Phonics skills
  • Name writing
  • Patterns
  • Shapes
  • and more!

I have got you covered with these hands-on literacy and math centers!

Many of the resources come with optional recording sheets so that you can tailor the centers to meet the needs of your classroom and individual students. 

Better yet, the resources included in this pack are all low or no-prep! Most cuts are straight lines and several centers are print and play.

In addition, all resources come in color and black and white for ease of use. 

In order to use the editable portion of this pack, this must be downloaded and opened in Adobe Reader to work. The embedded fonts will not display correctly if you view it in the browser.

Here is a list of the centers included in this pack:


  • Editable Name Writing Mats
  • Alphabet Letter Formation and Beginning Sounds Mats
  • Beginning Sounds Matching Puzzles
  • Letters and Sounds Match Up
  • Mystery Letter Beginning Sounds Strips
  • Pre-Writing Line Tracing Strips
  • Alphabet Play Dough Cards


  • Number Matching Puzzles 0-20
  • Number Sense Mats
  • Counting Forward Number Strips (All numbers 1-20 and random numbers from 20-100)
  • Number Tower Mats
  • Pattern Strips
  • Comparing Numbers Clip Cards
  • Play Dough Shape Cards