Beginning Blends Activities and Games


These blends activities and centers are going to make learning to read, write and spell blend words so much fun!

These blend word phonics activities are going to give your students lots of practice with the process of isolating sounds, blending sounds and reading words with blends.

There are 5 activities included and all of them come in color and in black and white for ease of use.

Pages: 138

Blends in pack: bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, gl, pr, pl, sk, sl, sn, sp, st, tr

What is included:

Blends I-Spy Mats: Students look at the blend in the middle of the mat and then find pictures of words that start with that blend and cover them.

Blends Find and Cover Mats: Students will put the blends cards in a pile. They will pull a card from the pile and find a picture on the mat that starts with that blend. Then they will cover it. This continues back and forth until the mat is covered or, if playing in pairs, one player gets 4 in a row.

Blends Write the Room: Students will search around the room for blend word cards. When they find one they will read the word on the card and write it on their recording sheet.

Blends Word Building Strips: Students will look at the picture and determine the word represented by the picture. Then they will complete the word by building the blend on the strip with letter magnets or letter tiles.

Blends Clip Wheels: Students will look at the middle of the wheel to find out which blend they are looking for. Then they will go around the wheel clipping or marking words that begin with that blend.