Dot the Number Worksheets 0-50


Use these dot the number worksheets to explore and engage numbers 0-50 by coloring, tracing and writing each number while getting counting practice too!

Use these number worksheets to teach number formation in a way that is hands-on and engaging. Students begin by tracing around the dot numbers by coloring the dots or using dot markers to stamp each dot.

Then they will trace the numbers using the number formation font. Next, they will trace the numbers below that. Then they will write the number on the handwriting lines. Finally, they will find the pictures that show that number by coloring the pictures or the ten frames at the bottom of the mat.

On the worksheets for numbers 11-40, students will color in the dots on the two ten frames at the bottom of the mat.

Numbers 41-50 do not include ten frames.

Be sure to look at the pictures to see the differences for numbers 0-9, 10-40 and 41-50.