Addition to 10 Math Bundle | HYBRID - Printable & Google Slides/Seesaw

This addition to 10 hybrid math bundle includes digital activities for use on Google Slides and Seesaw as well as printable activities that coordinate. So if you are teaching students via distance learning as well as in-person, this bundle will be a huge help!

Students will use virtual snap cubes or real snap cubes to help them learn to add numbers within ten.

Activities covered in this interactive addition to ten bundle include:

Addition Stew - students use snap cubes to solve addition problems

Addition to 10 Word Problem Mats - students will use snap cubes to solve addition word problems

Decomposing Numbers - students will sort a certain number of snap cubes into two groups and then create a number sentence to match

Snap Cube Addition Sentences - students will look at a snap cube train composed of two colors and create an addition sentence to match

Snap Cube Train Missing Addends - students will use snap cubes to complete the train and then fill in the missing addend in the number sentence.

See the pictures for a preview of what is included!

Make learning to add within 10 a fun, hands-on and engaging experience for your students!
Additional instructions and tips for Google Classroom and Seesaw included in the pdf.