Alphabet Cover Up Mats

These alphabet cover up mats are perfect for preschool and kindergarten. They help students work on letter recognition and beginning sounds identification.

There are two activities. A beginning sounds mat and a letter recognition mat activity.

Beginning Sounds Mats:
1. Students will look at a picture on the mat and determine the word represented by the picture.
2. Then they will determine the letter that word starts with by listening for the beginning sound.
3. Finally, they will cover that word with the corresponding alphabet bead or letter tile.

Letter Mats:
Students will say the letter and/or the sound it makes and then cover the space with the matching letter bead or letter tile. Or they can cover each letter with the corresponding uppercase version of the letter.

In addition, it comes in color and black and white for ease of use. Recording sheets are also included.

This resource is included in the Alphabet Mats and Alphabet Worksheets!