Apple Numbers Bundle


This apple numbers bundle includes 6 activities that help children learn numbers and develop number sense. They are all hands-on and interactive.

*NOTE: Do not buy this bundle if you have already bought the Apple Mega Bundle. That bundle already includes this one and the Apple Literacy Bundle.

This bundle includes:

  • Apple Tree Number Matching (numbers 1-20)
  • Apple Number Sense Puzzles (numbers 1-20)
  • Apple Tree Counting Mats (numbers 1-20)
  • Apple Counting Clip Cards (numbers 1-10)
  • Apple Number Sense Clip Cards (numbers 1-10)
  • Apple Addition Mats (adding numbers to equal 2-12)

That’s over 70 pages of apple activities that you can do with your students or kids this fall!

The best part is that the pack is differentiated and able to meet the needs of students at a variety of ability levels.

See the pictures in the gallery for an up-close look at each activity in the bundle!

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