CVC Words Bundle | 7 Activities | Google Slides and Seesaw

This CVC Words Activity Bundle will make learning to read and spell CVC words fun and engaging! It includes 7 no-prep, digital CVC activities for Google Slides and Seesaw. While using the activities, students will get lots of practice with segmenting sounds and blending sounds along with recognizing and reading CVC words. 

This CVC bundle includes these 7 activities:

CVC Word Match (10 slides) - Students will practice matching a CVC word to the correct picture. This helps them learn the pictures so they can be successful with the rest of the activities in the bundle.

CVC Blast Off! (30 slides) - Students look at the word pictured and then drag the rockets up to blast off and build the word.

CVC Treasure Hunt (30 slides) - Students use the word pictured to find the treasure chests. Every time they find the correct treasure chest, they will mark it with an X.

Painting CVC Words (30 slides) - Students will say the name of the CVC word pictured. Then they will go through the letter maze, covering the beginning, middle, and ending sounds with paint splatters.

Secret Code CVC Words (30 slides) - Students will use the picture clues to crack the code and find the secret CVC word.

Fishing for CVC Words (30 slides) - There is one fish missing to complete the CVC word. Students will isolate sounds to find the missing letter. Then they will drag the fish with that letter over to complete the word.

CVC Picture Match (5 slides) - Students will match pictures to the word for more practice with reading CVC words. 


** A picture key is included so that you can have students practice reading the words and seeing the pictures that go along with it, if you choose to do that. 

Your students are going to have a blast learning to read CVC words with these fun activities!