CVCe Words Activities & CVCe Centers | Reading CVCe Words, Magic E



Use these CVCe activities and centers for practice with learning to blend CVCe words, read CVCe words, write CVCe words and spell CVCe words - all with a fun, hands-on approach. Teach Magic e, Silent e, Tricky e or CVCe with these engaging resources.

Add the CVCe word phonics activities to your centers or small group instruction to give your students lots of practice with the process of isolating sounds, blending sounds and reading CVCe words. Plus, they will get practice with spelling CVCe words and writing CVCe words too.

There are 6 low-prep activities included and all of them come in color and in black and white for ease of use.

Make learning CVCe words a hands-on and engaging experience for the kids you teach!

Resources included:

  • CVCe Blend and Check Strips
  • CVCe Word Building Strips
  • CVCe Puzzles
  • CVCe Clip Cards
  • CVCe Word Mapping Mats
  • CVC to CVCe Word Building Cards