Sight Word Worksheets - Editable Word Work


Want to give your students a fun way to do word work? These editable worksheets offer many fun and meaningful opportunities to learn words.


The worksheets allow students to work with each word in a variety of ways. Each worksheet has 7 word work activities for students to complete, giving them a lot of exposure to each word.

They will get to practice reading the word, writing the word, spelling the word, and lots more on each printable worksheet.

These activity sheets are so quick and easy for teachers to prep. They would be the perfect addition to your morning work routine, literacy lessons, or independent practice time. Plus, they follow the same instructions for each word, so students will know exactly what to do each time.

Since they are editable, you can type in any words that are between 2-8 letters long and the worksheets will auto populate with activities.

This gives you endless possibilities!

Type in sight words, CVC words, spelling words, and more! You can even use it for names!

Make word work fun and engaging for your students with these fun, editable worksheets!

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Also, if you try to do this on a Chromebook, tablet or a phone, it usually does not work. Even if you are using Adobe on the device, it does not show the embedded fonts. You will need to do it on a regular computer.