Editable Spring Sight Word Games


These editable spring sight word activities are tons of fun! Plus, type in any words you want and all 20 sight word games will auto-fill!

Use them for literacy centers, small group instruction, or send them home for extra fun practice. The kids are going to have a blast learning sight words in fun, hands-on ways!


Rain and Weather Themed Sight Word Activities

1. Rainbow Editable Board Game

2. Rainy Day Write the Room

3. Rain Cloud Secret Code Matching

4. Rainbow Word Building Mats

5. Sight Word Splash

Flower Theme Sight Word Activities

6. Flower Editable Board Game

7. Plant Sight Word Flowers

8. Flower Word Cards

9. Flower Secret Code Matching Puzzles

10. Flower Race to the Top

Bird Theme Sight Word Activities

11. Bird Nest Word Building Mats

12. Bird Nest Secret Code Matching Puzzles

13. Birdhouse Hide and Seek

14. Bird Four in a Row

15. Feed the Birdhouse Sight Words

Pond Theme Sight Word Activities

16. Feed the Frog Sight Words

17. Frog Four in a Row

18. Frog Secret Code Word Cards

19. Sight Word Frog Hop

20. Editable Frog Word Work Board Game