Fall Alphabet Activities


This print and play fall alphabet activities pack will make learning letters and letter sounds both fun and engaging!

There are 5 different activities and games that will engage your students while they practice letter recognition, beginning sounds identification, and letter formation.

The hands-on alphabet activities all have a fall theme that makes them perfect for fall literacy centers or fall alphabet centers. 

All of the activities take place on a mat. Only one of the activities requires cutting or additional prep. The rest are print and play! The find and cover mats only require you to cut apart some cards on straight lines, but you could also use letter tiles and beginning sound magnets/flashcards instead of the cards.

All of the activities come in color AND black and white for easy printing.

Here are the resources included:

  • Fall Alphabet Cover Up Mats - Find out which letter is at the beginning of each word pictured on that mat and cover it with the corresponding letter. Play independently and try to cover them all or play with a partner and try to be the first to get four in a row! The included recording sheet makes this activity self-checking.
  • Fall Beginning Sounds Board Game - Spin the spinner, land on a letter and then find the next instance of a word that begins with that letter on the game board. Be the first to get to the last space and you win!
  • Fall Tree Find and Cover Mats - Pick a beginning sound card from the pile, find the corresponding letter on the tree and then cover it up. Try to cover them all and make a cool fall tree! Version 2: Pick a letter card from the pile, find the corresponding picture on the tree and then cover it up.
  • Fall Beginning Sounds I-Spy Mats - Trace the letter in the middle of the mat. Then find all 3 of the pictures that begin with that letter. Can you find them all? Note: Letter Xx mat uses ending sound pictures.
  • Fall Alphabet Maze Mats - Find your way through the maze by starting at the top beginning sound picture and following the path of upper and lowercase letters to the bottom beginning sound picture.

These low-prep fall alphabet centers are going to save you so much time! Better yet, your students will have a blast while learning letters and sounds this fall!