Fall Editable Sight Word Games


These fall editable sight word games are sure to be a hit with your students this fall!

Make learning sight words a fun, hands-on and engaging experience for you students with these editable games with fall themes.

Type in any words you want and all of the sight word games will auto-fill!

The themes included in this pack are: apples, pumpkins, fall leaves and squirrels/acorns.

Use them for literacy centers, small group instruction, or send them home for extra fun practice.

All of the editable sight word games (except for one) come in color and black and white so you can easily print them.


Apple Activities

  1. Apple Basket Secret Code Match
  2. Apple Four in a Row Game
  3. Apple Basket Hide and Seek
  4. Apple Orchard Word Building Mats

Pumpkin Activities

  1. Pumpkin Patch Editable Board Game
  2. Pumpkin Patch Four in a Row Game
  3. Pumpkin Word Cards
  4. Pumpkin Wagon Secret Code Match
  5. Pumpkin Spin a Word Board Game

Fall Leaves Activities

  1. Leaf Pile Sight Word Gop
  2. Fall Leaves Write the Room
  3. Fall Tree Secret Code Word Cards
  4. Fall Tree Race to the Top Game
  5. Feed the Leaf Pile Sight Words
  6. Make a Fall Tree Sight Word Scene

Squirrel and Acorn Activities

  1. Squirrel and Acorn Secret Code Match
  2. Squirrel Editable Board Game
  3. Feed the Squirrel Sight Words
  4. Squirrel Hop Sight Word Game
  5. Squirrel Word Building Mats