Fall Leaves Feed Me Math and Literacy Activities

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Your kids will have so much fun with these fall leaves feed me math and literacy activities. They make learning math skills and phonics skills a hands-on and engaging experience. Your students will be asking to play again and again.

They also all come in color AND black and white. So even if you can’t print in color, we have you covered.

For this feed me activity, students will feed leaves to the leaf pile. So, it’s perfect for fall.

It is highly differentiated to meet the needs of your students no matter what level of ability they are at.

The math portion includes:

  • Numbers between 0-30
  • Single digit addition to 10
  • Subtraction facts within 10
  • One more, one less – for work with comparing numbers

There are number cards that show “Feed me the number” and then a ten-frame, counting picture, twenty frame or set of base ten blocks. There are a large set of cards with addition and subtraction facts on them as well.

The literacy portion includes:

  • Rhyming words
  • Beginning sounds
  • Ending sounds
  • Beginning digraphs
  • Ending digraphs
  • Middle vowel sounds

All of the leaf card pages are labeled according to which activity they go with, so you know which ones to use with each set of feed me cards.

As you can see, there are TONS of skills covered so that you can meet the individual needs of your students while giving them all the same activity to use. Once students know how to use this activity for one skill, they can use it for all of the others. The directions do not change from skill to skill. This makes it super simple for you.

This feed me activity can be played independently or in pairs. It would be perfect for math centers, literacy centers, morning tubs, or even at home with your kids.