Numbers 0-20 Math Centers for Kindergarten - Number Activities and Games


This resource is included in the Number Sense Ultimate Bundle!

These low-prep numbers 0-20 math activities are perfect for your Kindergarten math centers, but many of the activities can also be used in preschool and pre-k as well. 

They are all fun, hands-on math activities and games that will keep your students engaged while learning so much about numbers!

Plus, you will save time as they require very little prep from you! Many are print and play!

All activities are included in both color AND black and white. All of them include visual instructions for your students as well as instructions for teachers.

Activities included in Numbers 0-10 pack:

  • 0-10 Board Game
  • Animal Counting Clip Cards 0-10
  • Button Counting Cards 1-10
  • Color by Ten Frame 0-10
  • Tower Counting Mats 1-10
  • Feed the Dog Numbers 0-10
  • Feed the Monkey Numbers 0-10
  • Missing Number Strips 0-10
  • Number Formation Cards 0-10
  • Number Formation Counting Cards 0-10
  • Number Puzzles 0-10
  • Number Hide and Seek 0-10
  • Pirate Write the Room 0-10
  • Play Dough Counting Cards 0-10
  • Roll it, Write it, Show it Mats 0-10
  • Spin and Cover Game 1-10
  • Ten Frame Clip Cards 0-10 

Activities included in Numbers 11-20 pack:

  • 11-20 Board Game
  • Base Ten Clip Cards 11-20
  • Button Counting Cards 11-20
  • Color by Number 11-20
  • Tower Counting Mats 11-20
  • Feed the Dog Numbers 11-20
  • Feed the Monkey Numbers 11-20
  • Missing Number Strips 11-20
  • Number Formation Cards 11-20
  • Number Formation Counting Cards 11-20
  • Number Puzzles 11-20
  • Numbers Hide and Seek 11-20
  • Pirate Write the Room 11-20
  • Play Dough Counting Cards 11-20
  • Place Value Cards 11-20
  • Roll it, Write it, Show it Mats 11-20
  • Spin and Cover Game 11-20
  • Twenty Frame Clip Cards 11-20 

I know your students are going to have such a blast learning important math skills while having fun!

Tip: Instead of printing, cutting and laminating, you can use write and wipe pockets on the activities that allow for it. I slide the whole sheet into a write and wipe pocket and save myself lots of time. No need for cutting or laminating. This also gives kids the opportunity to use dry-erase markers on the pages – saving you on paper, ink, and time!

The printable activities are made in a way that limits the amount of cuts you need to make and the prep you need to do. I hope these numbers 0-20 activities save you lots of time!