Printable Number Sense Activities


These printable number sense activities are hands-on and engaging. They are perfect for math centers and guided math lessons. In an effort to save you time, each activity requires very little set up and a limited number of supplies.

My hope is that this will save you lots of time while engaging the kids you teach with fun, hands-on math experiences.

This bundle includes the following printable number sense activities:

Spot the Number Mats: 1 - 10

Number Sense Activity Mats: 1 - 20

Interactive Number Mini Books: 1 - 20

Play Dough Number Mats: 1 - 10

Number Sense Dominoes: 1 - 20

Number Bond Puzzles: 1 - 20

Place Value Puzzles: 11 - 30

Missing Addend Puzzles: 0 - 10

4 Piece Number Puzzles: 1 - 10

Space Board Game (1-5)

Space Board Game (6-10)

Number Clip Wheels: 1 - 20

Number Formation Puzzles: 1 - 9

Number Sense Mazes: 1 - 20

Simple Number Mazes: 1 - 20

Roll and Dot the Number Game: 1 - 12

Number Bond Mats

Roll, Color and Build Addition Mats

Making Ten Break Apart Puzzles: 0 - 10

Making Ten Cupcake Puzzles: 0 - 10

The printables are also made in a way that limits the amount of cuts you need to make while prepping. Even better, you can easily laminate them or stick them into write and wipe pockets for use again and again, year after year.

I hope your kids enjoy them!

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