CVC Words Activities and Centers


These CVC word work activities and centers are going to make learning to read and write CVC words so much fun!

Once students have a good grasp on consonant and vowel sounds, they are ready to begin blending sounds and reading simple CVC words. This is frequently practiced in kindergarten and first grade, but these activities are helpful for any student just beginning to work on blending sounds to read words.

These CVC word activities are going to give your students lots of practice with the process of isolating sounds, blending sounds and reading CVC words.

There are 5 activities included and all of them come in color and in black and white for ease of use.

The same pictures are used throughout all of the CVC activities so that you only need to go over the pictures used to represent the words once.

What is included:

CVC Play Dough Mats: Students will trace the words on the mat with play dough. Then they will do the word search to find 3 instances of that word. Finally, they will trace the word and write the word on the handwriting lines. The mats also include a picture to go along with the word.

Secret Code CVC Words: Students will use beginning sound pictures to crack the code and find the secret CVC word.

CVC Find and Cover Mats: Students will put the CVC picture cards in a pile. To start, they will draw a card from the pile and determine the word that is represented by the picture. Then they will find an instance of that word on the mat. This continues until the mat is covered or, if playing in pairs, one player gets 4 in a row.

CVC Missing Sound: Students will determine which word is represented by the picture on the card. Then they will figure out which missing sound can be heard in the word. Finally, they will complete the word by placing a letter tile or letter bead with the letter that makes that sound on the card. There are 50 cards with a missing middle vowel sound and 20 cards with missing beginning or ending sounds.

CVC Middle Sound Clip Cards: Students will look at the middle of the wheel to find out which middle vowel sound they are looking for. Then they will go around the wheel clipping or marking the CVC words that have that middle sound in them.

CVC words included in this bundle: 

cat, map, tag, pan, jam, can, mad, hat, bag, ham

bed, pen, net, web, wet, red, jet, men, leg, ten

pig, dip, lip, sit, rib, lid, fin, dig, pin, bin

dog, box, pot, rod, hop, fox, log, jog, hot, mop

bug, sun, cut, tub, gum, cup, mud, nut, rug, bun