CVC Words Find and Cover Reading Activity

These CVC Find and Cover mats are going to make learning to read CVC words so much fun! It is a hands-on CVC game that will keep the kids engaged and excited about learning to read CVC words.

They are perfect for CVC centers and guided CVC lessons in kindergarten and first grade.

They also come in black and white, so you can use them even if color printing is not an option.

How to Use:
Students will put the CVC picture cards in a pile. To start, they will draw a card from the pile and determine the word that is represented by the picture. Then they will find an instance of that word on the mat. This continues until the mat is covered or, if playing in pairs, one player gets 4 in a row.

CVC words included in this resource: 
cat, map, tag, pan, jam, can, mad, hat, bag, ham
bed, pen, net, web, wet, red, jet, men, leg, ten
pig, dip, lip, sit, rib, lid, fin, dig, pin, bib
dog, box, pot, rod, hop, fox, log, jog, hot, mop
bug, sun, cut, tub, gum, cup, mud, nut, rug, bun

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